3D ARTIST magazine banner Belugas by Joel Bellucci

Beluga whales
by Joel Bellucci
3D Artist #s 40-41

Goblin by Cecilia Ziemer

Goblin by
Cecilia Ziemer
3D Artist #42

          2011 was the 20th anniversary
of an idea, that art can be made and
stories can be told by individuals or small groups
using affordable 3D graphics tools

In Fall 1991, the term "3D artist" was formally and seriously applied for the first time to people who create art using computer 3D graphics tools (history). This came when we announced the newsletter 3D Artist, which became 3D Artist magazine in 1993 and remained in print until early 2002 (cover gallery). By then the term "3D artist" had become universal and the 3D community was doing truly wonderful work, but the business climate across all of magazine publishing was deteriorating and especially within the computer graphics field. 3D Artist was one of many publications that closed around that time and since. We did so in an orderly shutdown that offered subscription refunds and with the promise to keep this Web site up for reference and article supplements.

==> Do you have, or would you like to have, a collection of 3D Artist through 2002, and would you like to fill in the issues missing from your set? Please contact us for details so that we can proceed with disposing of these beautiful, still inspiring (and dare we add "historical"?) publications.

Note: Sorry, but there are many broken links on this site, which is an archive of how we were.

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