'Stereo Pairs' headline

Stereo image pairs sometimes accompanied covers and articles in 3D ARTIST magazine. The technique for looking at such imagery is called "free viewing." Focus behind the image plane, or just defocus your eyes, and give them a moment to bring the dots under the images together, after which move your head closer or away slightly to focus rather than using your eye muscles.

Free viewing isn't just fun, it's addicting. As part of reactivating this site, we will be digging into our archives to present more stereo pairs here, so please come on back!

Escher-like image

This stereo pair of "Day and Night" by Robert Stein III accompanied an article about lenticular prints and transparencies in 3DA#20.

Please note that these works are copyrighted. Do not post them elsewhere, but please do feel free to link to this page.

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